The FAE Land Clearing line is forestry mulching designed and constructed to hurry up and facilitate any form of agricultural/forestry work. Designed to remaining over time, FAE agricultural and forestry machinery, whether it’s miles a forestry mulcher, a forestry tiller, a stone crusher, a stump cutter or a multifunction head, permit enterprise experts to carry out any reclamation work and land practise, being positive of the excellent of the effects. Efficiency and performance are high for both the PTO Driven heads which might be without difficulty applied to one-of-a-kind strength tractors, for the PT SERIES, and for the Hydraulic Driven heads, intended for skid steers, excavators, and unique automobiles.

Choose between forestry mulcher, excavator mulcher, skid steer mulcher, forestry tiller, stone crusher and plenty of different products in your automobile!

PTO Driven Heads
FAE PTO Driven Heads assure high-quality consequences in any state of affairs, whether it’s miles a forestry mulcher for tractor, a tractor tiller, a stump cutter, a stone crusher or a multifunction head. Easily hitched to the tractor, they are extremely good at appearing shredding and cutting techniques thanks to FAE generation.

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Hydraulic Driven Heads
When unique vehicles which include excavators, skid steers or tracked vehicles are used for road paintings, the answer is a forestry mulcher, a stump cutter or a a stone crusher that makes use of the hydraulic machine of the machines to move the rotor.

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