Product Attributes and Benefits: Key to Understanding Your Customers

Hat are product attributes and  blessings? Believe it or now not, however they’re the supply of instructional studies and advertising studies May 26, 2020

product attributes
What are product attributes and blessings? Believe it or now not, however they’re the source of academic studies and marketing research…


Which of these statements do you accept as true with?

I sell and sell my products:

A. Based on their functions.

B. Based on how they make contributions my customers’ lives.

If you accept as true with assertion A, then you definitely are selling product attributes. If you believe declaration B, then you are promoting product advantages.

But even as those definitions may additionally seem truthful, there’s a whole lot greater to product attributes and benefits than meets the eye.

I advocate a third announcement:

C. I sell and promote my products’ capabilities based totally on how they advantage the lives of my clients.

I in all likelihood don’t have to tell you ways assertion C is something every store strives closer to.

But to keep things clean, this text will discover the definitions of product attributes and advantages so you can get it right as soon as and for all.

I’ll additionally show you why statement C is the destiny of retail advertising.

Here’s what this text will cover:

What are product attributes and advantages?
What’s the significance of product attributes and advantages?
How do you discover the blessings of your attributes?
How to deliver product-centricity (attributes) collectively with consumer-centricity (blessings)
Let’s jump immediately in.


What are product attributes and blessings?

Product attributes are the additives of a product that describe its capabilities. Product attributes are concrete, objective, and can be discovered.

The attributes of a product don’t exchange. But which attributes you pick out to reveal will vary depending on campaign, patron, or emblem.

Product attributes and advantages instance of attributesE.G., Product attributes of a shoe are the unique components that the shoe is crafted from.


Product benefits, however, are the functions which might be maximum vital to the patron. More regularly than not those are conceptual and trade in line with the character shopper or patron segment.

For the example above, this will be:

Water Repellent: Shoes that could bear any weather rain or shine.
Extra Cushioning: No sore feet at the stop of the day, because those footwear are greater cozy.
Breathable Fabric: Perfect for a hot day, operating out, or surely taking walks the more mile.
You get the concept.

Let’s take a look at an instance of an eCommerce keep that differentiates among attributes and benefits.

Samsung is promoting earbuds which can be “wireless”, “black”, and feature a “charging case”. These are product attributes. On the PDP for those earbuds, they in reality separate the attributes from the advantages.


Product attributes and advantages samsung


According to Wu, Day, and Ma

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